Let's construct a web browser that allows to return to past.

Desktop / Android

  • Select fox or non-fox.
  • [fox] Install LibreWolf, Firefox or Waterfox.
  • [non-fox] Install Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Chrome, Edge or Yandex browser.
  • [LibreWolf] In about:preferences#privacy, select "Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in private windows only" and uncheck "Clear history".
  • Set Downloads folder in the browser settings to location in a drive where you have enough space available. Set to not ask it when not necessary.
  • Install Tab Session Manager. Import preferences from TabSessionManager_RatSettings.json. In which case, session backups can be found in folder named "TabSessionManager - Backup".
  • Install [fox] Tree Style Tab / [non-fox] Tabs Outliner to navigate open tabs in tree style.
  • Install SingleFile extension (less CPU load) or SingleFileZ extension (saves storage). Import preferences from SingleFile_RatSettings.json, then (not before) right-click on any web page: SingleFile▸ Auto-save▸ Save all tabs.
  • [Brave] Set "Method to resolve IPFS resources" preference to "Local Node". Increase IPFS storage size. Enable IPFS Companion.
  • [non-Brave] Install IPFS node. Install IPFS Companion.
  • Install ZeroNetX node (or build zeronet-conservancy, if you want maximum privacy). Install ZeroNet Loader browser extension.
  • Autobackup the browser data folder.

  • [macOS] Set "Remove history items" and "Remove download list items" Safari preferences to "Manually". Uncheck "Close windows when quitting an app" option in macOS General Preferences.

Desktop (Classic)

  • Install Basilisk or Pale Moon (both browsers have Windows, Linux and unofficial macOS versions), or MyPal (for Windows XP+).
  • Go to "about:config" and create "places.history.expiration.max_pages" preference with integer value "1000000000".
  • Install Session Manager extension. Import settings from SessionManager_RatSettings.json. Use "Session Manager▸ Load Session..." menu item to open pages from (auto)saved sessions.
  • Install RecordRewind extension.
  • Install Scrapbook X extension, set "Show 'Save Completed' notification" preference to disabled. Use it to save pages with linked pages manually.
  • Install Scrapbook X Autosave extension, set "Capture Delay" preference to 3000 ms.
  • Autobackup the browser data folder.
  • Install OverbiteFF extension to support gopher:// links.


  • Install MiceWeb to save web pages. Export bookmarks from browsers and save bookmarked, using "miceweb save urls" command.
  • Increase history size limits in command line shells used (e.g., in Bash).
  • Install SaveSites to save sites (mostly lightweight Web 1.0 sites, use the aforementioned Scrapbook X to save Web 2.0 pages).
  • Install SaveGit to save repositories.
  • Install SaveMedia to save videos and audios from YouTube, Coub and other supported media sources.
  • Install Telegram Lite to export Telegram chats.
  • Export data from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Use blockchain-based social network Bastyon. Add videos to the saved list, being calm about all texts and images in the network.
  • Install zeronet-conservancy.
  • Publish the most interesting things using IPFS and present your own sites and repos using ZeroNet, bearing in mind laws, to build Web 3.0 together.


  • [Paid] Install Offline Pages or Offline Pages Pro browser. Save pages inside the browser. Send URLs to it from other browsers.
  • Install Firefox and Chrome browsers. Be advised, mobile Safari autodeletes his over one-month-old history.
  • Use the Screen Recording feature.
  • Insure enough free storage space.


  • [natewrench ━ on Feb 09, 2022] this is awesome!
  • [fitfc ━ on Feb 09, 2022] Good things must be kept safe here at Zeronet, this is one that is important
  • [quantumkitty ━ on Jan 10, 2022] Nice. I love data. The more, the merrier. Nom nom! :)
  • [ratbrowser ━ on Jan 10, 2022] However, in the future it can be done. It requires some simplification. Let's say, we could take LibreWolf as a basis, without alternatives for now. Why? All Chromium browsers (non-fox) will become unusable soon (seeing https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFile-Lite/blob/main/README.MD). SingleFile configuration also could be standardized, it gives new possibilities...
  • [ratbrowser ━ on Jan 10, 2022] Too many dependencies and platforms, hard to support it. Also, I call users to participate in creating such environment, at least manual installing extensions gives more understanding than next browser. There were many new packaged browsers, but typically they just get sucked into oblivion.
  • [robione ━ on Dec 18, 2021] WayBackSeer
  • [natewrench ━ on Dec 18, 2021] can that be done in a single web browser with everything installed?
  • [rolouzis ━ on Apr 28, 2021] Great news!